New Castle News

December 14, 2013

Mahoning meetings held to shut out the public

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I am asking The News to start an investigation.

Why are Mahoning Township meetings being held at 8:30 a.m.? The only reason, in my opinion, is to keep residents away.

If someone is a working person, work is important for the family. Can it be that they do not want people to know what is going on behind closed doors?

The residents had better start getting involved in what is going on. I have been at meetings and brought up subjects and not one word. After the meeting, some have come up to me and said that I was right.

Now, some residents are being threatened with water shutoffs. The mandate on water was for all of the township to tap in. Lo and behold some did not.

What is the solicitor’s ruling on all of this? He has been hired by the supervisors, but township residents are paying him.

Charles Donofrio

Overlook Drive