New Castle News

December 4, 2012

Grief over loss of boy impacts community

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

How unexplainable, not understandable, unacceptable, senseless, mindless, inappropriate was the vehicle accident that resulted in the taking away the life of 7-year-old Octavius James Stone.

The grief, the sorrow, the pain, the love — fair? Totally wrong.

The persons who tried to revive and comfort the boy: How difficult, how painful. And the broken hearts and misery of loss for the parents, family and friends.

There has to be more to life. It just can’t end. We all keep within our hearts and minds and hope of a future of some kind, a resurrection, a continuation and opportunity to see and talk to our loved ones who have predeceased us. Oh, how we hope. God how we hope and pray.

The ultimate source for hope for Christians and Jews is the Bible. For the Muslims it’s the Koran, etc.

The words used or chosen and written so far back in time as in the Bible just can’t be meaningless, for such conveys so much for our minds and comfort for our souls, our spirit, our hearts, and our future which through faith is without end and includes the concept of forgiveness.

God bless us all in our travels on life’s roads, which have unbelievable and difficult-to-accept hardships, trials and regrets as well as good moments that we cherish.

Yes, the community grieves.

Harry A. Flannery

Valhalla Drive

New Castle