New Castle News

November 22, 2012

Campaign demonstrated changes to America

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I wanted to share a few things that I experienced during this campaign.

I talked to many people who had concerns about our community and country. Many talked about the way New Castle used to be. I said, “Yes, I remember when going downtown with my parents at Christmas was a big deal. Lots of stores, streets were decorated.” A beautiful memory.

Yes, times have changed. But we have overlooked so many opportunities to make our community prosperous.

Many businesses are going to other areas because of the regulations, paperwork, etc., that Lawrence County has that inhibits businesses from coming here.

When our kids graduate from high school, they have to move away to find a job. And those who go to college don’t come back, because there isn’t any work. It is very sad.

I talked to small business owners that were really concerned about their business if President Obama was re-elected. They would not be able to keep their business because of all the EPA regulations he would implement plus what we already have in Lawrence County.

Plus, with Obamacare, they couldn’t have many workers ’cause they couldn’t afford to pay their health care. They didn’t want to jack up their prices to be able to pay.

As my husband and I drive around town, we see many jobs available. Talking to one small business owner, she told me her story about wanting to hire someone. She got 69 applications from CareerLink. She looked at them and found six with qualifications she wanted. She called them to come for an interview. Guess how many came? None.

There are jobs. People just don’t want to work. The government helped them to be dependent on them. Isn’t this sad?

People don’t care. They just complain. People don’t want to work.

Sondra Hall

Wabash Avenue

New Castle