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November 16, 2012

Technology takes away the human touch

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Conversation as we knew it is dead. Email, smart phones and Facebook are the causes.

These technologies give us the ability to communicate with friends or large groups without voice. Sadly, the sound of a voice and its inflections died with these systems as well as human feeling.

Email circumvents the U.S. postal system. We can send letters and documents that took days to deliver in a matter of seconds. Business relationships flourish more quickly. But the opening of a personal handwritten letter, reading it and thinking of the person sending it is gone. Typed emails don’t communicate the closeness of person-to-person friendship.

Smart phones deliver messages and texts so you don’t have to talk. These get the person quickly and for business, it is wonderful. However, it puts up a wall so you don’t have to talk. In some cases, it provides important messages, but for the most part, people don’t want to talk to the other party, just text me.

The procedure takes a lot more time than talking, but it is the “cute” trend today. This trend, however, is annoying with the “beep” and the person across the table states, “Can you wait a minute, I have a text.” Where do I fit in this relationship?

Facebook allows people to spew their innermost thoughts and personal photos worldwide without speaking. I call it Main Street narcissism or look at me, I am important.

As Andy Warhol said, it gives everyone 15 minutes of fame. But our list of “friends” are looking at events, children, grandchildren, dogs and cats they don’t want to see but are afraid to offend the sender. Worse yet is I’ve change my photo. Who cares?

I still enjoy a long conversation. And my iPhone doesn’t work in my house.

Bruce Waldman

East Maitland Lane

New Castle

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