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April 26, 2013

Ignorance creates key views in political realm

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

It has been said that ignorance is bliss, but I’ve found over a lifetime of observations that it is more often a defining characteristic for some people than it is a matter of personal satisfaction.

I’ve read articles by people who are at best ill informed but, more often than not, deceived by their own biases.

This leads them to believe anything that’s out there in print or, even worse, on TV.

In the dictionary, a person lacking in prudence is one definition of a fool. “You’d be a fool to believe what he tells you” is an example given for the usage of the word fool in a sentence.

My experience is that some people not only believe what some politicians say, but even worse, they’re more than willing to defend these statements.

It amazes me even more how people go out to vote and know little or nothing more than talking points they’ve heard on TV or statements heard at a coffee shop or even worse, just pull the party lever at the polls.

It has been asserted that terrorism, both domestic and foreign, or the size of the national debt is the greatest danger to our nation, but I believe that ignorance is an even graver danger.

Just turning one’s head to a dead skunk in the road won’t solve the problem of the smell. Take some time and research positions, people or politicians before forming an opinion. Proper use of Internet search engines can help immensely. One might find it quite refreshing to know what one is talking about.

And remember, “Ignorance is a choice not a right.” A fool and his vote can and will soon be parted.

Thomas Brice

Boyles Avenue

New Castle

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