New Castle News

April 18, 2013

Public can make a big difference with food

Debbie Wachter
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

There is a huge need to stamp out hunger in our county.

Once a month I volunteer at a local food bank and it has saddened me to see the many persons in need in our own areas. Glad to just have something as simple as a bag of vegetables or fruits.

I personally have lived in their shoes at one time or another in these difficult times. It only takes a moment to see in a child’s eyes the hunger for something so insignificant to most, and that is a bowl of cereal.

When your belly is grumbling, the name brand of cereal doesn’t matter. It is the notion of having the availability in the cupboard.

The elderly now reach for pennies at the checkout counter to make ends meet with all the cutbacks.

For me it is extremely disheartening to know of such distraught in my own areas, much less going without.

Kudos to all the pantries and food banks in Lawrence County whether they are monthly or weekly, but now is the time to help replenish the small pantries.

I am challenging the public, stores, businesses and individuals such as myself to take a moment to help replenish a pantry today. I know for a fact there is a need of something so simple as boxes of cereal.

For me and my household, we are shopping in the month of April, a time of new hope and new beginnings. There are many bargains out there for such things. I encourage all to call local pantries and inquire how to help.

It’s not pleasant to be on the end of a need that seems hopeless when someone you love or know can’t make ends meet. Please join in with me on this challenge for our people.

Gianna Wright

Darlington Road