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February 12, 2014

Letter writer misses the previous point

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The following is my assessment of Larry Johns’ letter of Jan. 27:

It appears quite likely that Johns didn’t read Geoff Reed’s piece of Dec. 28, in which Reed provided ample material to support the basis for my Jan. 10 opportunity to dismantle Reed’s opinions with clear, solid details.

However, even if Johns did read Reed’s piece, it seems highly possible that he might have failed to compare Reed’s to mine, especially since he so foolishly said, “I discovered that his statements (mine) are not logical,” thus causing Johns’ use of “I discovered” to be seen as conspicuous code for “I decided.”

His third paragraph is not only based upon the assumption that readers would remember my letter word for word, but is also a misunderstanding of my comparative use of the words “pleasure” and “honor” intended to make a point regarding Reed, concerning individually sincere Americans’ support of equality.

Therefore, I’m not surprised that Johns suggested that I refrain from watching “Obama-controlled stations” (channels) but instead that I watch Fox News with my eyes “wide open,” so to help me realize “how liberals and the president are affecting this country.”

Rather, I’m appreciative of his unknowingly giving readers and me an outstanding example of someone who is so thoroughly brainwashed, that accusing others of the same is both amusing and obviously ineffective.

Last, but certainly not least, I absolutely would never advise anyone to watch Fox News, because I’m convinced that Fox News is a cesspool of fascist poison to the human mind and spirit.

Dave Amodie

Old Butler Road

New Castle

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