New Castle News

January 18, 2014

County had chance to get casino project

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The whole of Lawrence County had both hands out for the money.

Carmen Shick was ready and willing to go forward with the race track and casino. The then-governor said it was in the harness racing commission’s hands. It did not give him the OK.

The reason was his grandfather allegedly had dealings with the Mafia.

Did The News know the person in charge of liquor coming into this country in the 1930s? I’ll give you a hint. His son became the president of this country.

The former governor came to New Castle and was given a day. I said he has eaten the meat and is throwing us the bone.

When Mahoning Township residents were pushed into the sewer project, we did not hear of any of Lawrence County entities willing to offer any monetary assistance.

Charles Donofrio

Overlook Drive