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June 26, 2014

Wedding minister’s forceful message

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Attended the “perfect” wedding, with the “perfect” couple, with the “perfect” church service and the “perfect” reception and the “perfect” food.

All in Lawrence County and via the insights, talents, communication skills and techniques of the Rev. Richard J. Helsal.

The “perfect” couple, Lindsey Farrington and Eric Day, were transformed into oneness — Dr. and Mrs. Eric James Day — at the first United Methodist Church, and all were fed and dined at The New Englander.

Helsal surely has no parishioners who sleep at his church services. His loudness, his energy, his attention in getting humor, his excitement, his attributes of bringing the minds of the listeners to attention and the feeding of the most reverence of messages on the sanctity of marriage is truly an accomplishment in actual deliverance of the message and the Word of God in regard to marriages and those who value same to death do they part.

The “perfect story” communicated to the newlyweds-to-be and to the listeners and witnesses was delivered in a bull’s eye fashion, which if indicative of the reverend’s Sunday messages the church on Decker Drive must be a packed house.

The “perfect story” illustrated our imperfections again on the message of deliverance, which will remain in this listener’s memory forever. The particulars of the story I will leave to the good reverend to use again and again.

Just think of the countless messages received from the pulpit that leave our thoughts as the service ends, few remain in the everlasting column as one of the listeners who seeks sleep whenever an opportunity arises. The June 21 service made sure my sleep needs were put off.

The preachers who strive to assure that a church service is a no sleep zone represent the “perfection” needed in delivering God’s messages.

Harry A. Flannery

Valhalla Drive

New Castle

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