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June 12, 2014

New Lockley facility needs traffic control

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I cannot understand why.

Why what? Those who wanted the new Lockley Learning Center and cannot understand, especially school board members, the need for traffic control near the school.

Second, parents and others who use the streets to travel to and fro have no interest in obeying all traffic laws — school zone speed limit and stop signs especially.

I see it every day, not only citywide but near the new school. Two signs only, when many either do not see them or ignore them or come from another direction where no signs are located.

People wonder why accidents happen in our communities and one of several reasons is the simple fact many are not obeying traffic laws.

I have talked to the police several times and, as I understand from another who knows of such matters, the New Castle school board. They do not believe it is necessary and come fall school, there will be a need for crossing guards or more traffic signs of the school zone. And this does include the buses.

As I asked the policeman and others, what is it going to take? An accident of some sort and kids/others injured?

Seems to be in town especially on Jefferson Street from Grant Street to Croton Avenue and vice versa. Many attempt to make as many of the green lights as possible, despite the fact there are several intersections where others may come out onto Jefferson anywhere in between.

Hopefully this matter will be resolved and all will be aware it is a school zone. My neighbors may hate me and say I am crazy, but if one accident and one kid being hurt can be prevented, for me it is well worth speaking up.

Charles Wilcox

Scott Street

New Castle

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