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May 31, 2014

Obama’s poor record explains low rating

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I found that Richard Audino’s letter was quite unusual as he didn’t seem to know why Obama’s rating is so low and probably will go a bit lower as the year and a half goes by.

Obama’s low rating has nothing to do with the Constitution, even though he did violate it a time or two with changing a Congress-passed law without going through Congress to do it.

The main reason Obama’s rating is so low is because of his many failed agendas. I will list a few of them and let the people decide.

1. Fast and Furious (One border guard was killed).

2. Cash for clunkers (Which was not very successful).

3. Shovel-ready jobs (Which was a big joke that he and Biden laughed about).

4. The IRS scandal (Spying on mostly conservative groups).

5. The stimulus packages (Billions of taxpayers’ money, without much stimulus).

6. Benghazi scandal. Four brave Americans were slaughtered and Hillary Clinton remarked, “What difference does it make how they were killed.” Is this who we want to be the president to lead our nation?

7. The economy and the lack of jobs.

8. Obamacare. And people are finding out they can’t afford it. How about all the lies that Obama made to the American people about “keeping your health care” and “keeping your doctor”?

9. The VA scandal (We’ll have to wait to see how this will play out).

10. The national debt (Which is heading very fast toward $18 trillion).

I hope this enlightens Audino a bit as to what is wrong in our great country.

Maybe if members of the Republican Party get out and vote in November and in 2016, we can get somebody who will change this country for the better.

Bob Pitzer

Fairgreen Avenue

New Castle

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