New Castle News

November 27, 2012

Warm memories of past conceal harsher truths

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

A good portion of the letters to editor during this past year have been from the “Blame Obama for Everything” crowd, with a constant bombardment of vitriol and nastiness.

The consensus of this crowd was that voters would throw President Obama out on Nov. 6 and together take back the country, uphold their version of the Constitution and their version of free speech.

Well, the 2012 election is over. The people have spoken and re-elected President Barack Obama. The mandate is to move the country forward.

I was simply aghast to read yet another derogatory letter on Nov. 22 where the writer was blaming Obama for any/all problems of the city of New Castle. The writer fondly reminiscences about the good old days, the wonderful times, the beautiful window dressings at Christmas, alluding to such a problem-free community and country back then. But Obama will ruin any chance to bring those times back.

The reality of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s weren’t quite so grand or perfect. Although one can be attracted to the window dressing, it is superficial.

Behind the windows were the suffering of minorities, people not receiving their rights under the law, of segregation and discrimination. In this country, poverty was a real and persistent problem. President John F. Kennedy was greatly influenced by Michael Harrington’s book “The Other America” published in 1962. President Johnson declared a war on poverty.

Programs such as Head Start, Medicare and Medicaid were created to fight that war.

I, personally, am glad to be moving forward with our president. I love my country. I am all for upholding the Constitution, tolerance for others and free speech.

The question is, can the citizens (and letter writers) of this town come together in a spirit of tolerance and generosity?

Diane Jerich-Domin

Dollard Lane

New Castle