New Castle News

November 24, 2012

Americans should see positives of diversity

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I am married, 60 years old, white, a woman, mother of two, grandmother of three, have worked since I was 16 years old and I proudly voted for the re-election of President Obama.

I, unlike Joseph Waltenbaugh in a recent letter to the editor, rejoice in the diversity of our great nation. I look forward to a country where color, ethnic background, religion and creed are just the byline of our story.

After all, we are Americans first and party affiliated second. We must work together as a nation, something our Republican brothers and sisters seem to have lost sight of lately.

It is not us versus them, as Waltenbaugh believes, but one for all and all for one. No one should give up on us as a nation because his side lost an election, scrambling for excuses, instead of realizing the shortcomings of their party and what the majority vote means.

And they should not wish doom to the victors and rejoice in the prospect of it. It is a sad time for all of us when division is the word of the day instead of unity.

Our nation will always be great. It is how that greatness is measured that matters to me.

Mary Alice Gaibis

Hall Street

New Castle