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July 13, 2013

IRS tactics damaged Tea Party endeavors

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Some of Douglas Hoshino’s July 5 letter got my attention regarding the IRS.

His first point being “No Tea Party group was denied exemption status.” Not true, considering that by merely applying undue pressure on not just Tea Party groups but any group with conservative sounding names, slowed processes in voting, raising campaign funds, etc.

If this isn’t illegal, it’s highly unethical. So after all this IRS pressure, whether or not exemption status was denied becomes a moot point since in my opinion what was meant to be accomplished by IRS agents succeeded.

I won’t speak to his second point but as to the third point: “There was no link to the White House” I will say there is always a link to the White House. Let’s not be naive, there most definitely is a link, it’s just that the president is protected from scandal or is supposed to be protected.

Very recently, his approval polls are slipping. I think that’s about all we’ll see harshly happen to this president. No impeachment in his near future while he continues to print dollars, dollars that are going to cause the U.S. dollar to lose position as the standard for the world reserve.

I’ll close before I start to ramble. Oh, too late.

Jeff Reed

Lutton Street

New Castle

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