New Castle News

January 21, 2014

Pickets send wrong message to business

Joe Sager
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Count me as one of the first to stand up and defend free speech, even when it comes to demonstrating and picketing.

Truth be told, I have participated in picketing events myself when I believed the cause important. But will those people still picketing in front of the Bottom Dollar store, pack up their signs and go home?

Why do they continue to picket? Both the store and their customers go about their daily business, undeterred by the picketers near the road. Apparently their main objection is that the store is not owned by an American company.

I, too, believe in the concept of “Buy American.” But do the picketers drive only Ford, GM or Chrysler vehicles? Any other vehicle is built by a foreign-owned company. The clothes on their backs likely say “Made in Vietnam” or Honduras or anywhere but America.

The cellphones they use while they picket? Good luck finding any of those made in America. Same with televisions. Apple is an American company, but their phones are made in China. Should we picket all of these industries and stop buying their products?

Bottom Dollar is owned by a Belgian company, but at least it provides jobs to Americans, including right here in New Castle.

Surely, the picketers have noticed all the vacant storefronts around town. The way I see it, every resident of Lawrence County should be doing all we can to entice and support legitimate businesses. Instead, these picketers are sending a negative, counterproductive message that we want to make life miserable for new businesses.

It is that kind of thinking that helped put New Castle where we are today. Nothing will change, unless we as a group change, and start inviting and welcoming new companies, new people to our area.

John A. DeSanti

Valhalla Drive

New Castle