New Castle News

February 14, 2014

Obama advances agenda by abusing his power

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

What was supposed to be a State of the Union Address was just another strong-arm tactic by the president.

It’s always been plain to see how the mindset of a megalomaniac operates. The problem here, though is he’s been fulfilling his crazy fantasies and they’re bringing down our country.

In his speech he said, “America can’t just stand still if Congress isn’t doing anything, so I’m not going to stand still either.

“Wherever I can take steps to give opportunities to families I’m going to do it.” That’s fine and nice except the finish to that sentence was “with or without Congress.”

Now, I know someone will say, what about Congress and the partisan politics going on especially in the last two years, doesn’t that give the president the right?

I say what right? The right to continue to break the law, to walk all over our Constitution, to pass laws illegally and all in the name of the progressives?

If it doesn’t advance big bureaucratic government and if it doesn’t keep electing the same political machine then it’s not on President Obama’s agenda.

He’s not the only one, as I’ve been learning through the bitter years. It doesn’t matter what party; it is the person’s politics, however. People should look around and see if they recognize the United States. Is it different from when they were growing up, has it changed even in a few short years?

I believe in the Bible and in Christ my Savior and Redeemer, so I don’t know what or where to expect to see our country down the short road, but I take heart, hope and faith in eternity.

Geoff Reed

East Lutton Street

New Castle