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July 6, 2013

Stealing from school district is OK in city

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I propose we drastically amend the criminal justice system here in the United States of America.

For example, suppose I go into my local bank and cash a bundle of checks in my name that I know are all phony. When the state troopers come to arrest me, I insist what I did at the bank (fraud and theft by deception) isn’t a crime, but rather just an “embarrassment” and “disgusting.”

I also insist that if I promise to give back all the money (which I technically stole in the first place) I won’t be prosecuted, I won’t go to jail, all will be forgiven, that will be the end of it. Case closed.

After the troopers are done laughing themselves silly, they drug test me to see what the heck I’ve been smoking.

But this is exactly the type of justice system that seems to exist in the New Castle school district. Employees lied about their kids’ residency status (fraud) to avoid paying out-of-district tuition (theft of services) and yet a school board member didn’t call this a crime, but rather an “embarrassment” and “disgusting” (The News, June 27).

What’s really an “embarrassment” and “disgusting” is no one on the board or in the administration has the backbone to fire and press charges against the perpetrators.

Has the district’s integrity sunk so low it’s the only place on Earth where workers can literally steal from their employer and not lose their jobs?

That’s “insulting,” “degrading” and “mocking” the taxpayers who provide their paychecks.

Robert Zbegan

Old Princeton Road

Shenango Township