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June 28, 2014

Letters display effort, but still fall short

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I’ve often wondered about the number of people who read the letters to the editor and digest the same.

Of course, I had an opinion. Negative or positive? Mostly negative, I must confess. Why? Well, from day to day, as I meet various members of our community, have discussions with them or hear them in their discussions with others, I find that they show an appalling lack of knowledge or maybe even no awareness of the everyday trials and tribulations our government faces day after day.

They know quite a bit about batting averages of the Pirate players or the number of completed passes the Steelers quarterback achieved in his last season, but ask someone to name his state or federal senator and you will usually receive a blank look.

And then came May 31 and June 6. On each of those days, The News contained a letter to the editor wherein first Bob Pitzer and then Philip Granato each took me to task for a letter I had written on May 20.

Initially, I must praise those gentlemen for their attention to the events of the day, and of course, having the will power and the gumption which others lack to respond to the same. I salute that effort.

As to the result of that effort, on the other hand, I cannot salute them.

I would enjoy the privilege of engaging in a debate with either of them, but, of course, I would look for facts as proof of their assertions as I would provide in support of my positions. I may cause these gentlemen to be not only uncomfortable, but angry by my demand, but I cannot avoid the dictate of 55 years of legal training.

Richard J. Audino

Kings Chapel Road

New Castle

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