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August 13, 2013

America has no reason to pick sides in Syria

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

What is America’s responsibility to have any input into the Syrian civil war?

Isn’t Syria a sovereign country? Did the Syrian government ask for our assistance? What effect will the Syrian outcome have on our country, if any?

The answers to these questions depend on your political outlook of the world. All positions can be logically justified with rhetoric that supports that position. But the fact remains: Is this America’s fight? Does America have a right to pick the winners and losers in Syria?

Many conservatives say we have no business getting involved in the internal matters of this sovereign country. The Obama administration, of course, says just the opposite. Based on shady evidence, the Obama administration has decided to start arming the Syrian rebels. It is not a secret that many of the rebel groups have ties to al-Qaida followers and Syrian jihadists. This would indicate that we are arming those who want to eliminate us in the future.

Recently, four U.S. senators introduced a bill to block military funds to Syria. This legislation, led by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., would prohibit President Obama from using any funds for Syria that would escalate the United States’ involvement in the Syrian war.

The Obama involvement justification is based on some evidence that chemical weapons have been used by the Assad administration on its own people. Some say that if chemical weapons were used, it was by the rebels who then blamed the Assad administration for it.

At the very least, the American people deserve a full and honest debate on this issue. It is appropriate to call out the Obama administration on this subject to avoid another foreign conflict that could be very expensive and involve our military into a foreign civil war.

Russ Hall

Wabash Avenue

New Castle