New Castle News

August 1, 2013

Latest district scandal leads to assumptions

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I have a few assumptions as a taxpaying citizen of the city and the New Castle school district regarding the latest tuition scandal.

I can’t be the only one.

An actual school board member said it was “disgusting,” I assume as a former teacher, she has friends who participated and does not want to lend her voice to their exposure.

There must be a pretty high level of disgust before she would step up and raise her voice on behalf of us taxpayers.

I assume that since we have a former teacher, the wife of a building administrator and the husband of a current teacher on the board, again, the assumption of protecting one’s friends and — dare I assume — relatives, has caused our new superintendent to lift the rug while the board sweeps this latest abomination under it.

Another assumption. I can only assume one of the interview questions for the hiring of the new superintendent may have gone like this: “Are you willing to join us in thumbing your nose at the taxpayers of this district, and keep them in the dark for more money than you are currently making?”

I assume he answered correctly. I will not name the new superintendent here, but contempt for the people who pay his salary is probably a lot easier to promote when he is familiar with all the players and their stories, scandals and lies.

The superintendent had his chance to step up and show the people of this city he will not carry on with business as usual right out of the box, and he blew it.

I assume that’s why he was hired. What a shame to begin a new job under such a dark cloud. Assuming I’m right.

Jeffrey Koscinski

Hillcrest Avenue

New Castle