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April 24, 2012

Government demands payment on all manner of programs

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

In her letter of April 11, Patty Jenkins states, in reference to President Obama’s health care law, “more than 70 percent of the U.S. population does not want itself to be forced to comply with orders dictated from the federal government through threats of fines and penalties.”

Gee, that sounds a lot Iike the income tax, doesn’t it? We either pay or go to jail (plus fines and penalties).

How about property taxes — both school and county? We either pay or the local government will seize our property and sell it.

Oh, I forgot about the highway speed limits. We either comply or get fined. (Sounds like a state government mandate.)

Let’s not forget “jury duty.” Our federal or county government can force us away from our jobs, homes and property to appear at a courthouse under penalty of law (contempt of court) unless an individual has one hell of a good excuse.

Another writer stated that the federal government has never forced us to buy anything. That’s totally absurd.

Through our tax dollars, “we, the people” are forced to buy a plethora of things for the United States, like weapons for the military, post offices, federal courthouses, locks and dams (Army Corps of Engineers), levees, interstate highways, airports, national parks, bridges, tunnels, railroads and on and on.

For the Republicans to portray the Obama health care law as some sort of “socialist imposition” is asinine.

Robert Zbegan

Old Princeton Road

Shenango Township

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