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February 14, 2013

People need to pray for the proper things

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

A recent writer suggested we pray for everything including the impeachment of our president.

It’s time to point out the obvious. For the second time in four years, we have inaugurated a man of color as president. No amount of whining or prayer is going to change that.

It is time to deal with it, accept it, even celebrate it.

President Obama is not a criminal. He’s not immoral. He’s not, as Fox News suggests, an illegal immigrant. He is not anti-American.

He is a hard-working, very intelligent man of character, as concerned about the future of this country as the rest of us. He is a family man, a religious man of Christian beliefs.

He was not born with a silver spoon into a family of potential political dynasty. The accomplishments he has achieved, given his very modest upbringing, should be hailed as an example of what this country represents.

So, we can pray for an end to violence; who could argue with that? But we should pray also that our political leaders have the fortitude to enact sensible gun legislation that would help reduce violence.

We should pray for an end to abortion. But the law is not going to change. So, we should pray also for necessary education, access to contraception and adequate social programs that will reduce unwanted pregnancies and help young mothers and infants.

I believe in the power of prayer. But if people are praying to impeach a president because they don’t like the color of his skin, or despise his politics, then I doubt God will listen. In fact, I have to believe He too is celebrating the election of our first black president, just as He will celebrate, four years from now, the election of our first woman president.

John A. DeSanti

Valhalla Drive

New Castle