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May 1, 2012

Personal desires interfere with goal of human virtue

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

One may argue that virtue is the habitual, self-imposed restriction of appetites/sentiments and emotions, to their ontological intention, i.e., to the purpose for which God created them.

Moreover, that to be virtuous is to possess oneself, rather than being possessed by one’s passions. Further, that virtue is a necessary condition of love.

How can one love, i.e., “seek another’s good,” if one has an unrestrained carnal interest in the other? It is virtue, that “denies one’s very self, picks up their cross and follows the Master!” If love is an emotion, “it is betrayed!”

Homosexuality, defined by appetite, in practice is not reconcilable with objective universal morality; thus practicing homosexuals, being creatures of passion, repudiate the natural order — the ontological order mentioned above — by their lifestyle choice and are unrestrained in sating their appetites.

Modern science — our interest, the social sciences — generally subscribe to logical-positivism, thus they begin by denying humans a nature, instead “humans are appetites in process;” thus sociologists reflexively, in practice, promote sociopathy, psychologists, unconsciously promote psychopathy.

Most mental disorders result from a mind untethered from reality, thus Einstein’s dictum regarding insanity; to be rational is to accord with the “measure” conveyed to existence by the Creator. Deny an objective order, and one may expect different results, when repeating the same thing over and over.

A culture of death, a culture of unrestricted passions, ubiquitously intones love, and just as ubiquitously forsakes moral responsibility; a culture Yeats so appropriately describes in “The Second Coming;” the energy is with avaricious desires, as Nietzsche prophesied.

The church, human sinfulness notwithstanding, is the singular organ of human ennoblement; though the impassioned blind and deaf, neither see, nor hear.

Thomas J. Donegan

Moffatt Road

New Castle

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