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December 5, 2013

Postage stamp promotes holiday for Muslims

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

You’re kidding. President Obama has given his permission to the United States of America’s postal system to print a new stamp.

This stamp was available Nov. 1. This new stamp honors the Eid Muslim holiday season. This is the second such stamp to give exaltation to the Muslim nation and their religious beliefs.

Christ’s birthday is celebrated in December. Christ is my God and Savior and more than half the world believes the same way. In the United States, we are not permitted to display the birth of Christ in or outside of any federal or state establishment.

Obama permits a religious stamp to the Muslim nation. Where does Obama think this stamp will be printed? On some barren island by China? No, in the print shop of a federally owned building, owned by Americans.

In case the readers of this correspondence are interested, the Veterans of Foreign Wars has petitioned our government leaders to honor the veterans of our country with a United States stamp. During this time frame, our veterans have received nothing more than years of procrastination. Where would this nation be if all those men and women would have procrastinated while doing their duty?

No, they gave their life for us and our freedom. When do we give them the honor of one small stamp?

Dan Martwinski

Big Run Creek Road

New Castle

(Editor’s note: A citizens commission appointed by the U.S. Postal Service selects postage stamp designs. The president is not part of the process.)