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May 2, 2014

Razzano was concerned for school academics

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

New Castle lost a leader in Robert Razzano.

How could a man who worked for the school for over a decade “suddenly change” this year? The only “change” I saw was for the betterment of our children.

He limited contact between the junior and senior high students, to prevent the older kids from “preying” on the younger kids. He had an “open-door” policy. He listened. He cared about the students.

Another principal, confronted by verbal bullying, basically told us it was nothing and wait for the physical bullying. I expect school to be safe. Razzano tried to make it safe.

Razzano valued academics. He focused on how academics will get you farther than athletics. He had lunches to recognize junior high honor students. There were maybe 30 students per lunch out of more than 400 in the junior high. They received “spirit shirts” to wear proudly.

Now, you might as well forget about academics. All focus is on sports. According to USNews, New Castle students have 56 percent reading and 52 percent math proficiency. Sad. Of course, more students become professional athletes than professionals.

As for inappropriate comments, another administrator commented when confronted on the dress code for female students that jeggings/tights were removed because while some girls are built and look good in these pants, many girls do not and shouldn’t wear them. But you can’t permit some and not others. And a girl wore a skirt so short that you could see everything but nothing could be said or he would be questioned as to why he was looking. Is either of these comments appropriate by an administrator?

Our family is glad that we had the opportunity to meet Razzano. He showed students and parents that academics do matter, as do their concerns.

Stephanie Jones

East Sheridan Avenue

New Castle