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April 29, 2014

The right’s support of Bundy backfires

NEW CASTLE — Editor, the News,

The Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to use guns to put oneself above the law.

The conservative news attempt to use the Cliven Bundy incident to foster claims that he was protecting himself from an abusive federal agency, the Bureau of Land Management, and therefore his and others use of guns is justified is beyond belief.

Bundy’s complaint stems from his refusal to pay his grazing fees on federal land where he raises his cattle. Cattle he then can sell for a profit. The Bureau of Land Management manages millions of acres of federal land and issues thousands of grazing permits to farmers and ranchers all over the West. Most pay their fees to use these public lands but a few, like Bundy, do not.

Bundy says he doesn’t recognize federal authority over lands around his 150-acre Melon ranch, therefore he stopped paying grazing fees 21 years ago. He places himself above the citizens of Nevada who obey the law and he profits from this ridiculous stand. In effect, he is stealing from the American people. This is public land, owned by all.

And who jumps in to support him? The Tea Partiers, some well-known Republicans, the militias who hate for one reason or another and the kooks with guns. In order to prevent violence, the bureau suspended the roundup of his illegally grazing cattle.

Bundy has since gotten supporters into a dilemma with his remarks about how black Americans probably would be better off as slaves, a typical racist remark, showing something of the type of person he is. Those on the right who stoke the flames of fear, wrapping it in the flag and patriotism, need to be more careful in the heroes they pick as examples.

Fred Minteer

Minteer Lane


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