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November 14, 2013

Pharmacists contend with rude customers

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I am often asked if I’m sure I want to be a pharmacist.

With only a short amount of time left before I graduate from pharmacy school, in no way do I regret the decision to choose pharmacy as my career path. I have greatly enjoyed my time in the community pharmacy setting thus far and continue to be amazed at how much my learning has been enhanced through the hands-on activities and real-life situations that I have experienced.

One of the facets of community pharmacy which I do not enjoy, however, is the treatment I endure or observe my coworkers enduring from the mouths of disgruntled customers. The number of times I have had people raise their voices to a coworker or me in disappointment, impatience, or flat-out irateness have become far too common in my opinion.

Raising one’s voice is a sign of disrespect. It is disheartening and perturbing to the recipient of such an attack. In my opinion, such treatment is fit for not even our four-legged friends, let alone fellow human beings who are employed to assist patients in understanding disease states, provide consultation on over-the-counter treatment options and care for patients in ways too numerous to include in this letter.

Do these customers treat others, such as bank tellers, fast-food workers, customer service representatives, office secretaries or even family members in the same manner?

I urge all individuals reading this letter who feel enough anger to raise their voices at any living thing for any reason and in any setting to acknowledge the Golden Rule and live by it. They should take a step back and realize that there is an appropriate and acceptable way to share any and all frustrations with others.

Paul Garmon

East Clen-Moore Boulevard

New Castle

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