New Castle News

November 9, 2012

Many provided help in search for dog

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

On Oct. 23, our dog went missing after chasing a cat.

After searching for hours I contacted chief of police James Morris in Mahoning Township about a possible stolen/missing dog.

Finally, a lead. A lady who lives down the street had pulled into my driveway to see if one of my dogs had gotten loose. She had seen her running up the road. I thanked her and pulled out of my driveway and went down the street to see if i could find her. I had no luck.

We made fliers with her picture on it and posted and passed them out. We had a lot of nice people stopping and asking us if we needed help and also calling us when she was spotted.

On Oct. 26 I received a phone call from a lady saying her husband had just seen my dog in the cemetery on Garner Road. I thanked her and drove to the spot. My son and I began calling her. We had no luck.

After thinking about advice from a lady named Bonnie, I decided to leave her food bowl and her favorite blanket near the fence line. On Oct. 27 at 3 a.m., my husband got off of work and decided to drive by the area. He found her curled up on her favorite blanket and her food bowl empty. He crawled on his knees carefully not to scare her off. He called her name softly and then she was not sure at first who he was and growled at him. He put his hand out and repeated her name. Then she knew it was her owner.

We knew she was happy to be home. We are very lucky to have her back and to have caring people in our community.

Maria Ostapowicz

Benjamin Franklin Highway