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March 18, 2013

Warnings of sequestration ignore government growth

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

We have been hearing ad nauseam the word sequestration.

Has anyone bothered to look up the meaning? To sequestrate means to seize or confiscate. Sequestration is the seizure of property, or a writ authorizing seizure of property. Are you wondering whose or what property is our government going to seize?

Our president has been scaring the daylights out of all the populace with the threat that if we don’t pass a bill to stop this “sequestration,” we will all lose our jobs, or our health care, or planes will not be able to fly or any of a thousand different things.

You do know that when the politicians talk about cutting the budget, what they really mean is that they will not spend as much money as they planned. Kind of like we do when the price of gas or food goes up and our salaries or pensions don’t. We bite the bullet and don’t spend what we don’t have.

The following is an excerpt from a mailing from Sen. Pat Toomey:

“Over the last 12 years, the federal government has doubled in size. If the savings of the sequester go into effect, total government spending in 2013 will still be greater than it was in 2012. My thought was: Why can’t we look for waste, inefficiencies and redundancies and trim spending there? For example: The federal government spends $50,000 for a Cowboy Poetry Festival, over $5 million for “sports diplomacy programs,” $35 million for an “old-fashioned style” trolley in St. Louis and $1 million to taste test food on Mars.”

I would love to have more money this year than I had last year. Those on a payroll just lost 2 percent of spendable income and our “leaders” didn’t bat an eye.

Lee S. Winter

Valley Road

New Castle

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