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December 18, 2012

Regardless of party, a wish for happiness

NEW CASTLE — Editor, the News,

It’s the holidays again and I hesitate to become political at this time of year. I’m hoping for a happy holiday season for Republicans, Democrats and independents.

It’s been another historical election year and it’s not over yet. Last year in December I wrote that I hoped the conservative wish list ended up as a lump of coal from Santa. It’s still not certain, but I think it will.

During this and other election years I’ve been told by friends, family and strangers how foolish I am to support liberal views on social and political ideas, that I could better myself, as if there’s something wrong with me. I’ve received anonymous letters saying I cannot be a moral person or a Christian if I vote for Democratic candidates.

If I disagreed with someone, I sure as heck wouldn’t do it this way, hiding in anonymity.

But I’m one of Mitt Romney’s famous 47 percent. To him and many in the Republican Party and including this paper, as espoused in an April 20, 2011, editorial, we’re a different kind of American. Because we live on an income that doesn’t require us to pay income taxes we are somehow not vested in America and are too dependent on the government for our very survival.

Well, at least we can vote and we did. We surprised the Republican establishment and showed it’s not just money but votes that count.

So, for now, our government will not grant the conservatives their goal of lowering the boom on us. Ebenezer Scrooge has gotten his enlightening and Christmas will be better for it. Let’s hope he keeps it.

From this humble liberal, to one and all, including the other 53 percent, I wish a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2013.

Fred Minteer

Minteer Lane


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