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April 3, 2012

County free and clear sales create opportunity in city

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The Lawrence County free and clear sale is a wonderful opportunity for investors and contractors to own more of our community.

It is also a wonderful opportunity for our commissioners, city council and school district to change the direction of our future.

I challenge our commissioners, city council and school district to develop a new system to reward residents and hold developers responsible for their actions. I believe that all letters submitted to the tax office for purchasing properties should be given to the commissioners, city council and school districts.

The bid should not be the only factor taken into consideration.

If a resident of Lawrence County wants to buy the house next door for a son or daughter, that bid should be looked at closer.

If the interested party has lived in the neighborhood for years, has improved his property, has paid taxes and been a good citizen, he should have priority.

These residents should be appreciated and rewarded.

Another tool would be to require contractors or investors to submit a bid bond and performance bond. Hold them accountable and have some control over these properties.

The state law for blight and reclamation would give us legal help to control and oversee the future for our area. New ordinances could be developed.

Legally, we should be able to control these sales.

I realize that money is an important issue. I have seen on our street, when residents are given the opportunity to purchase a house, they invest money in the houses and take pride in their investments.

The city benefits from real estate taxes and from the reinvestment of a family commitment to help the city grow.

When a resident buys an empty lot or vacant house, the neighborhood will benefit long term.

Pat Schwoeble

Winter Avenue

New Castle

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