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January 24, 2014

Does Christie critic hold Obama to same standard?

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Responding to Joseph Offie’s letter Monday regarding his best “belated” Christmas present from Gov. Chris Christie, I have several questions.

Was he this elated with the demise of the four American citizens that were murdered in Benghazi? Would he have considered that a belated 911 anniversary present?

Did he hold President Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responsible? After they “supposedly” investigated the event, what did they do? They lied to the American people, blaming it on a film that no one had seen.

They continued this lie for several weeks knowing it was a pre-planned attack on our embassy. But they wouldn’t want to tell the truth to the people who follow their administration in lock step before an important election, now would they?

To this day no one has been held accountable. Why doesn’t Offie hold the president and secretary of state to the same standards that he thinks the GOP should live up to? Is it because he is a Democrat and so are they?

At least Christie did the right thing. He investigated the event and fired those people who were responsible. If it turns out that Christie knew firsthand about what his top aides were planning, then he deserves to be impeached as governor.

Would Offie call for the impeachment of Obama and ask that charges be brought against Clinton for their negligence in protecting our ambassador or those brave men who died defending our embassy, for lying to the American people and lying to Congress?

I think I know what the answer would be, a big fat no. I’ll bet he would even have been willing to vote for Clinton for president.

Judith Panella Martwinski

Big Run Creek Road

New Castle