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December 27, 2013

Fracking procedures take community water

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

As five more wells were permitted July 2 on the Kinkella well pad in Pulaski Township, this was the statement from Hilcorp:

ShaleComm executive vice president and Hilcorp communications consultant Vince Bevacqua said, “There are two wells. Currently a third one is being drilled. Those had been permitted. Today (Tuesday) we’re asking to drill five more wells on the property under the same conditions on the same pad using the same road. There’s really no change as far as the community is concerned.”

Part of that is so true. Nothing will change until the people show up, stand up and take part. And part of that is so false, because millions and millions of gallons of water will be extracted from the Shenango River in Pulaski for free. And now, 11 more well pads are proposed.

This water is married with tons and tons of chemicals and tons of sand. A pressurized injection of hydrochloric acid, sand, chemical-laced water, lubricants and often with the help of a small percentage of additives that aid in delivering that solution down the hatch into her core. Consummating. Exploding. Fracturing. Physics and the unknown take over after that.

Fracturing Mother Earth at her core. Exploding already shaky ground, so that “natural gas” can escape.

Everywhere I look, I see another water truck taking our water. When will water running down a river be more valuable then dirty fracking flowback water?

Lisa DeSantis

Pennsylvania Avenue

New Castle