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December 23, 2013

Republicans are silent amid ugly rhetoric


Editor, The News:
Both Bob Pitzer’s letter of Nov. 20 and Geoff Reed’s of Nov. 27 are weak attempts at vilifying Robert Zbegan, his letter of Nov. 5 and President Obama.
Regarding Reed, I found nothing in Zbegan’s letter proving hatred for Joseph Waltenbaugh.
Zbegan wrote a good piece containing facts and possible influences by what I personally consider to be common, countless and endless examples of far less than humane Republican behavior.
Reed added, “I don’t think Joseph Waltenbaugh hates Obama.” Neither do I, because I think Waltenbaugh despises Obama beyond measure.
Because Reed closed with “Shame on him and anyone who still believes in him,” in reference to President Obama and his supporters, he’ll love my response.
Not only am I proud of my president’s leadership, but as a man, patriot, husband, father and a human, he sets an exceptional example for all of America’s youth, regardless of their or their parents’ politics.
Pitzer’s letter accusing Zbegan of ridiculing Waltenbaugh for exercising his First Amendment rights doesn’t meet its mark. Rather, I believe Zbegan strongly dislikes the unending delusional fanaticism depicted in Waltenbaugh’s letters.
Although my heart tells me there are numerous wonderful Republicans throughout America, my mind is perplexed by their failure to resist the minority of extremists destroying their party and their country, by manipulating their repulsion of the “black president” into the catalyst for their inner ugliness.
Otherwise, these monsters will continue acting like nobody, including God, is watching them. Thus confirming the likelihood that they’re completely detached from the truth about themselves, which begs the question, could such behavior result from mass social dysfunction, fueled by overlapping generations of hand-me-down hypocrisy, racism and bigotry?
Will the “genuine” party of Lincoln please rise.
Dave Amodie
Old Butler Road
New Castle

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