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October 12, 2013

City council refuses action to aid the poor

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

New Castle City Council decided not to provide free space in the city building to Neighborhood Legal Services.

This is just another blatant disregard for the citizens of this city.

Long-standing denial to bring factories and businesses into our city has caused deeper poverty than ever before.

A lot of our children have gone to college and graduated, only to move half-way across the country to find employment.

If Neighborhood Legal Services was able to pay $2,200 per month rent, why would they be leaving the Temple Building?

I do not believe council realizes the ramifications of its decision. People with even a minimum wage job will no longer have a legal system to go for when being evicted. Landlords withhold their personal property illegally. Unemployment denials occur because employers claim bogus reasons for termination to avoid paying unemployment.

The comfort of walking into an office in a time of crisis has been taken away.

Only a handful of attorneys in this community lend help in pro bono situations and even with Neighborhood Legal Services intact, it is the same handful out of more than 100 attorneys in the county, most of whom disregard the poor, in my opinion.

I hope the judges will mandate that if Neighborhood Legal Services does have to close its doors, help will be afforded to the needy.

Someone in this community needs to step up, be bigger than city council and offer some type of free space to this organization.

Life is about more than making money. It’s about helping one another.

The city maintains two beautiful hanging baskets on each lamp post downtown each year. Two city workers are paid to water these baskets. I think the poor people in our community are far more important than flowers.

Roberta Falba

Lake Drive

New Castle