New Castle News

September 26, 2013

Concern over animal's care

John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I want to express my concern about the Lawrence County Humane Society.

I saw a photo in The News Sept. 17 about adopting Bluebell, an adult coonhound bluetick.

After I called and got information about her, I went to look at her.

When they brought Bluebell out, she looked very healthy, beautiful, energetic and playful. But when I looked at her face, her eyes were all red and drooping.

I asked about it and was told it was an eye infection or disease and there was medication I could give her, and if that didn’t help, she’d need to have eye surgery, which was going to cost a lot, about $500 on up.

I asked if a veterinarian had looked at Bluebell and was told there is not one on staff in the building.

Did they give any medication for her eyes? Oh, no, I was told. The vet has to approve the medication.

How long did the shelter have Bluebell? Oh, she came in about four months ago.

Then she asked me if I was still interested in Bluebell.

I said no. If her eyes get cleared up, they can call me.

I can’t believe that a place like that has a dog that long with an eye disease or infection and nothing is being done.

I just wondered how many animals are adopted that are sick, hurt or infected.

The staff that was there were very friendly and helpful. I know they are following orders, but I think something needs to be done higher up to get these dogs and cats treated for disease or illness so they can get adopted quicker.

Marsha Hemphill

Graceland Road

New Castle