New Castle News

December 14, 2012

New school leadership will make big difference

Lugene Hudson
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The first step to improving the reputation of the New Castle school district happened at the Dec. 3 board meeting.

David DiGiammarino was elected president and Anna Passerrella, vice president. Apparently they have the support of at least five board members — board members that believe that our children deserve the best education that the taxpayers can afford.

Over the years, millions of our tax dollars have been squandered. The following are some examples:

•Failure in 2002 to close two elementary schools when recommended by a state committee of professional educators

•Sale of Ben Franklin building

•Unaffordable contracts


•Failure to maintain buildings

•Lockley project

The above list is only the tip of the iceberg. One cannot include all of them in a letter limited to 300 words.

The editorial “Questionable Communications” in the Nov. 20 News is right on target. In it, the writer states, “One gets the sense that there hasn’t been much dialogue across the gulf in the New Castle system — at least not the constructive sort. And without a positive give and take regarding the differences, what the district has instead is distrust, disrespect and a dismal level of basic communications.”

With a changing of the guard — new board leadership and new superintendent — we should see a remarkable change in fiscal responsibility and hiring practices.

Philip P. Conti

Euclid Avenue

New Castle