New Castle News

December 10, 2012

Private citizens are free to have Nativity scenes

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Robert J. Miller, in a Dec. 7 letter in The News, wrote: “How long will members of Lawrence County turn a blind eye to no Nativity in Ellwood City?”

I am not a fan of the organization that seeks out the government buildings across the country with “illegal” nativity scenes. However, other than government buildings and schools, there is no law prohibiting a Nativity scene on private property.

If every citizen who turned out at the Ellwood City protests, if every business that cared, would simply erect a Nativity set on their lawns or in their windows, Ellwood would become a City of Lights.

Ellwood could be a glorious model for towns and cities across the nation. Any Christian believer can erect a Nativity, from cardboard cutouts to life-size stone figures.

A government building, devoid of a Nativity, does not spell the death knoll of a Christian town or nation. An apathetic populace does. I wonder if Miller has a Nativity on his front lawn.

And while the birth of Jesus may be at the core of Christmas, the timing of the yearly celebration was an attempt to convert pagans away from winter solstice festivals. Today, lovely lights illuminate the darkest days of the year. Drunken revelry has been replaced by mindless shopping.

A fat man in a red suit has upstaged the Messiah. If anything is left of Christmas it is the simple message: Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men, if only for one day.

Catherine Blatz

Fisher Road

Slippery Rock Township