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November 26, 2012

Kirkwood’s explanation leaves lots of questions

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I agree with your Nov. 23 editorial calling for further inquiry into New Castle school board member Mark Kirkwood’s ethics breach.

However, I find the most disturbing aspect of the breach not to be the breach itself (which is very bothersome), but rather Kirkwood’s excuse.

Kirkwood pleads ignorance. He claims that he was unaware of how the program, which offered college classes and credits to high school students, worked when he asked assistant superintendent Terry Meehan to enroll his son.

Yet Kirkwood is a member of the school board’s education committee. It goes to logic that he must have had at least some oversight of the program and even voted on it.

If Kirkwood truly did not understand how the program worked, the question is raised, why didn’t he? Do we have a school board member who is voting for proposals that he does not understand?

Is the vice president of our school board voting to spend our tax dollars on other proposals that he does not understand? Or is he simply lying when he says that he did not understand how the program worked?

No matter how it is looked at, Kirkwood’s excuse creates more questions than answers. Either Kirkwood does not fully understand the proposals that he votes on or Kirkwood is lying to cover for himself.

Either way, the taxpayers and voters deserve answers and Kirkwood ought to be accountable to them for his ethical breach.

Matthew Finamore

Vogan Street

New Castle

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