New Castle News

February 8, 2013

Americans will work for decent wage rates

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Just the other morning two senators were on the “Morning Joe” program promoting immigration reform.

Sen. Charles Schumer of New York made a comment that many Washington insiders do, “Americans won’t do certain jobs.” In this case it was milking cows.

We therefore need guest workers to do them. What a crock of bull. Americans won’t milk cows? They need to start watching “Dirty Jobs” and see all the unpleasant things Americans do to earn a living. Pay enough and American workers will do almost anything. Its been proven throughout our history.

Our Washington politicians have been selling out American workers for years in the name of the global economy. Business profits have increased drastically by paying low wages in foreign countries. Business owners have gotten extremely wealthy.

That’s why we have today’s problems with Medicare and Social Security. They were designed in the day when America was the world’s industrial leader. If the millions of good paying jobs that were created here by hard-working Americans had stayed, our social programs would be well funded today.

Many companies instead have seen fit to put profit over workers and country.

Our government representatives are constantly bragging they want to create jobs here in America, but the process of shipping American jobs to China is still going on.

During the presidential election last fall, a large auto parts plant was shut down and moved to China. Neither candidate made much of this.

You should know that China has been in a concerted effort to take over the American auto parts industry and not many of our national leaders seem to care. Instead, they make this ridiculous claim that Americans are somehow lazy and won’t work.

Lets start paying them on a par with these jobs; that’s all they deserve.

Fred Minteer

141 Minteer Lane