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January 15, 2013

Recycling bin site is disgrace to city

NEW CASTLE — Editor, the News:

I went to the recycling bin site by the Lawrence County Courthouse and had never seen a bigger mess in my life.

An elderly man was there struggling to dispose of whatever small amount of recyclables he had after climbing the mountain of garbage piled in front of the bins.

We were both appalled at the condition of the site and simply could not believe it. I feel whoever is running this joke of a program should be fired. I have a hard time believing anyone is administrating anything this badly and still getting paid for the lack of effort.

I had to drive all the way out to the Slippery Rock Township location to find a place to dispose of my recyclables. I can only guess the head of this joke of a program also has no respect nor cares about the residents of the neighborhood, considering the condition of the courthouse site.

I wonder if this person received a raise this year. If they did that also highlights the ineptitude of the three amigos running this county.

The county commissioners need to stop placing all their hope and resources chasing a phantom horse racing track that will never materialize in this county. Instead, they need to do what they were elected to do.

I will no longer waste my time with this foolish enterprise. I will buy two or three more blue bags a month rather than subject myself to this pathetically run “recycling” program.

Shame on them. Try this incompetence in the private sector and they wouldn’t last a month. But, then they have jobs until the next election, so, what do they care? The pay and benefits are good no matter how terrible a job they do.

Jeffrey Koscinski

East Hillcrest Avenue

New Castle

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