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December 27, 2012

Local peasants perform as the king commands

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Once upon a time, in the fair county of Lawrence, a giant drug corporation built a distribution kingdom.

Many peasants toiled there daily for a few pieces of gold, but they were treated very unfairly.

Some of the peasants grew tired of their lot in life and asked the Great Union of the North for help. They were very brave.

The Great Union of the North said it could help the peasants correct the unfair treatment and give them a voice in the kingdom. The peasants were very happy.

Upon hearing what the peasants had done, the king of the distribution kingdom became very angry. He called upon a favored peasant to help him quell the peasant uprising. The favored peasant told the other peasants many fables about the Great Union of the North. He told them if they didn’t denounce the Great Union of the North that the distribution kingdom would close down and move away, like it had done elsewhere.

Many years ago, the fair county of Lawrence promised the giant drug corporation that the tax collector would stay away if it closed its other distribution kingdoms and moved to the fair county.

The peasants became very afraid and told the Great Union of the North they no longer wanted the Great Union’s help.

The king of the distribution kingdom, upon hearing what the favored peasant had done, was very pleased. He rewarded the favored peasant by making him a prince and giving him much gold. As for the other peasants, they got nothing more and are still made to toil daily for only a few pieces of gold.

Once again peasants have believed the tales of a giant corporation instead of remaining brave and got nothing. Maybe it’s time for another peasant uprising here and everywhere.

Doug Robbins,



Local Union 261

New Castle

(This letter also was signed by six other members of the union’s executive board.)