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September 25, 2012

Local residents can take a stand for life

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

A very important event will be taking place in our city on Oct. 7 known as Life Chain.

Many Christians and pro-lifers will stand, praying for the lives of our unborn children and their parents, silently speaking out against abortion.

Many will say it’s the mother’s right; it’s her body. What about the right of the unborn?

The 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees our right to life, but sadly this right is not extended to the unborn. Unless of course a pregnant woman is killed, then charges could be filed against that person for the life of the “fetus.”

Ironic, isn’t it? It’s illegal to commit feticide, which is the killing of an unborn child, yet it’s legal to obtain or perform an abortion, which is also the killing of an unborn child.

Many that are pro-choice will claim that if abortion becomes illegal, women will seek “back alley” abortions. Well here’s a little secret, they already exist. Unlicensed physicians are performing abortions. Untrained staff is administering powerful drugs. Babies are being born alive through botched abortions, then are left to die or worse killed, even though there are laws to protect them.

In 1992, 1,239 people stood on the streets of downtown New Castle on Life Chain Sunday. Sadly the numbers have been declining. Last year, 132 stood proud. With approximately 67 churches in this city, that accounts for less than 2 representatives from each church. That’s a shame.

Abortion makes a statement about life. It says: our value is determined by others and not by God. It says: We are disposable. Jesus says: We are made for the heights of heaven.

 Am I a Christian? Yes I am. Am I pro-life? You betcha, and I will proudly stand. How about others?

Susann Russo

Superior Street

New Castle