New Castle News

October 11, 2012

America is mistreated by foreign interests

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

An old story was if you are in a card game and are looking around for a sucker and can’t find one, it may be you.

Other parts of the world are treating America like a fool. They take our money, kill our young men and look upon our borders as an open door.

We can’t get away from the idea that all the world does not think as we think.

Where is China, with the world’s biggest population? Making more gadgets to sell to us so they can buy our bank stock, and India is too busy calling us to sell us insurance to bother with the world’s problems.

Do you think that the Japanese have forgiven us for dropping a bomb that killed some 300,000 people? Or that France has forgotten how many civilians were killed as we went across France? Or the German cities that we bombed that didn’t need to be hit? I doubt it.

What are the lawmakers doing? Raising the tax on cigarettes so the poor can’t afford to smoke or like in New York, where you can’t buy a big drink for fear you’ll get fat.

Our defense budget is $178 billion and a kid with a cheap rifle can kill our ambassador.

There are lots of things wrong and no big effort to make things right. There is only one thing to say. “God help us.”

J.R. “Pat” Patterson

Creek Road