New Castle News

January 10, 2014

A categorical list of flaws in letter

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Upon examining Geoff Reed’s Dec. 28 reply to my letter of Dec. 23, I wasn’t the least surprised to find that the true source of his first paragraph was his month-old letter of Nov. 27 and worse, he pathetically used said paragraph to accuse me of the impossibility of taking his nonexistent “facts and truths” out of context.

Also, I couldn’t help but to notice the highly conspicuous relationship between the first sentence of paragraph two and his entire fifth paragraph, whereby Reed attempted, but blatantly failed, to satirically accuse me of calling him names, regardless that I had specifically directed all labeling at the entire minority of seasoned extremist Republicans.

Incidentally, according to his sixth paragraph, which may have been snatched out of thin air or received from outer space, prior to his Aug. 16 registration as a Republican, he had been a Democrat for an amazing 42 years.

Yet, relative again to his “disconnected” first paragraph, Reed “realized” what it’s like to deal “with a liberal.” And worse yet, in his fourth paragraph he actually ventured to identify himself as a “rational, sane conservative.”

Although I’ve excluded possibly his most egregious mistake, I’ll close with his sophomoric statement about his not having had the pleasure of meeting me.

First, if Reed someday does have the opportunity to meet any American who stands fearlessly for both constitutional and God-given equality, he should consider it an honor, not merely a pleasure. And second, at this point his chances of meeting me are as good as Fox News ever being “fair and balanced.”

Dave Amodie

Old Butler Road

New Castle