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January 6, 2014

Medicare has answers to heath care crisis

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Sometimes out of the most unsuspecting place comes a good idea.

I’ve supported the idea proposed in Robert Miller’s letter of Dec. 26. His claim: It’s cheaper for government to pay hospital bills as services are performed than bother him by requiring everyone to purchase health insurance. This from an Obama basher to boot.

This has been the proposal of many liberals to solve our health care crisis. The most economical and fair system available, it’s already working, known as Medicare.

I knew some Republicans had good ideas. How many of them would embrace this one? Who knows? But they should.

Much of the Affordable Care Act is based on Republican ideas and proposals made over the years, but media pundits and lobbyists find it easy to scare Americans in order to ensure billions in profits for the insurance companies.

Along with politicians who only seem to care about party and re-election, they offer nothing but criticism. Saying people who can’t afford insurance should seek charity as many tea partiers do is a copout and an insult.

Obamacare is by no means a fix all that solves the problem, but it’s a start. Instead of trying to kill the act, why not improve it and build on it?

We all know our present system is too expensive and inefficient. The private sector has failed in creating the opportunity for all Americans to access health care in a fair and reasonable way. Our government runs the best military in the world. It runs our Social Security system very efficiently.

It could operate the most inclusive and cheapest system available, Medicare for all. Take the profit out of saving lives. My beliefs tell me even in a capitalist society some things, such as health care, are more important than making money.

Fred Minteer

Minteer Lane


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