New Castle News

December 14, 2013

City’s action required with Hillcrest house

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I live on Hillcrest Avenue and I was surprised at city Councilman William Panella’s position on the 315 property.

The mayor may have violated protocol, shame on him, but his intentions are honorable.

At the November council meeting, other residents and I presented our concerns about the disposition of the 315 property. We pointed out the “broken window theory” as it applies to residential properties.

I am aware of the consequences of permitting the action to continue, but I’m equally aware of what will happen if it is thwarted.

There are already two if not three homes that will be potentially put on the market or shuttered as a result of the events at 315.

If a precedent must be set, let it be now.

Paul Canis

East Hillcrest Avenue

New Castle