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May 27, 2013

Homosexual science fails to offer clarity

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I’m appreciative of Judy Olson for enlightening us to the theoretical science that is epigenetics.

As one who’s always willing to learn, I read about Olson’s claim that people choosing to live a homosexual lifestyle is a result of epigenetics. Turns out that is a theory or hypothesis held by some researchers.

The articles said that since evolutionary biologists are unable to find that living as a homosexual is caused by one’s DNA, there must be another reason. Some are attributing it to epigenetics, a branch of DNA research that theorizes a person’s environment affects how one’s DNA determines who we are.

An example was given of identical twins separated at birth with one in a plush environment and the other in a near-starvation unhealthy situation. Ones environment might give him a greater likelihood of having a life-threatening disease and the other not. The environment, diet, stress, etc., allow or cause genes to react in certain ways. That’s the premise.

These scientists seem pretty sure of their theories that environment affects who we are, but are unable to prove that any changes to the DNA of a parent will have a hereditary affect on a child. That’s what some are trying to prove in order to say living a homosexual lifestyle is genetic.

In some diseases that may turn out to be true, but since a homosexual lifestyle does not lead to genetic replication, the sins of the father can’t affect the genes of the next generation.

However, the effects of environment sound like a good reason not to allow people choosing to live a homosexual to adopt children.

Fred J. Harlan

East Washington Street

New Castle