New Castle News

November 26, 2013

Downtown restaurants are pleasant surprise

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I’m writing to comment on something I found recently in downtown New Castle.

I was meeting a friend and he asked me to go to the Riverplex on Mill Street. I was surprised to find a new coffeehouse called Two Rivers and just a few steps up is the Benefield’s restaurant.

We enjoyed a leisurely coffee and I stayed for lunch. I had a wonderful meal with excellent service. Later that week, I returned with my wife for dinner. Both places were quite busy. Benefield’s is reasonable, fresh and very good.

These new restaurants are a welcome addition to our community and I wish them good fortune.

I am pleased to call these restaurants at 11 S. Mill St. to the attention of everyone who might be going into the city.

I encourage people to take the time to introduce themselves to the owner, David Carson. Cassie Stove is keeping Two Rivers humming along.

How nice it was to find these two gems right downtown.

Dave Book

Route 956