New Castle News

November 7, 2012

Driver avoids tragedy on dark, rainy night

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News

It was about seven p.m. last Thursday, a very dark and rainy night with limited visibility when I was driving home on Pulaski Road.

Shortly after leaving Pulaski, two bright reflectors warned that an Amish buggy was directly ahead of us also heading toward New Castle. For some time, I drove slowly behind the buggy almost glad to follow the buggy with its red reflectors.

Eventually, we reached a point where I could have safely passed swinging wide to avoid the horse. In that very moment, I thank the Lord, my lights revealed six or eight young Amish girls abreast of the buggy on the left going in the same direction.

They were picking their way in the dark along the edge of the road. They were trudging head down in the pouring rain — dressed in dark clothes as black as the night.

I don’t know if they realized the danger, but I can still feel that horror I felt when I glimpsed those precious innocent girls suddenly revealed right there in my headlights.

If this happens again, the next driver may not see young girls or people in dark clothes walking along the side of the road. Whether in the murky rain or bright moonlight, dark clothes are almost invisible.

People in buggies and horses are protected with reflective devices. Could not anyone walking along the road in dark clothes carry either a lantern or with a reflector sewn on something that could be seen in time from a distance to warn drivers?

It could have been the worst day in the short life of these girls — not to mention my long one.

Elizabeth Turner

Pulaski Road

New Castle